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How much does removing a tree cost?

Posted on 10 July 2018 by admin (0)

This question is often asked during the first phone call a potential customer makes to a tree removal company.  Much to the dismay of the potential customer, pretty much all of the exceptional tree service companies (like need to see the tree prior to placing a price on the removal service.

There are a number of reasons for this… the tree service company has to check where the tree is in relation to driveways and streets for ease of removing the parts of the tree.  They also have to look for power lines.  Obviously, if the tree that requires removal is near a power line, much care and time must be taken to do so… and with that, there is more expense.

They have to look at how sturdy the tree is… so they may use climbers inside the tree instead of a bucket truck around the perimeter of the tree.

They need to understand what structures are around the tree.  Does the tree overhang a house?  Is it wide open so the tree can be simply dropped and cut up while on the ground?

All of these factors play into the cost of tree removal and is the reason tree service companies need to see it before a quote is provided.